Korea 1980's Theater

Ladies and gentlemen, it has arrived... Molni's Korea 80's Theater. Updated installer as of the 27th of October, 2014: Click here to download

Click here for the release thread

If you have any problems with the download from the previous link, you can download the file direct from the FTP in your browser.

To do so, follow this link and supply the username: anonymous@blu3wolf.com

No password is required.

Link to public FTP @ Blu3wolf.com

Installation Instructions

Make a backup of your C:\Falcon BMS 4.32\Data\sim folder. This mod WILL make edits to that folder, and those edits WILL cause serious problems for multiplayer with anyone who does not also have this mod installed. You have been warned.

After backing up your sim folder, simply double click the downloaded installer and follow the prompts. After installing, it is recommended you disable color MFDs in the BMS config, and that you avoid using NVGs and Data Link, for increased authenticity!